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Your Doorway to More Informed Scientific Decision Making

At CDx Engage we provide a personalized service to the healthcare community. Connecting key scientific stakeholders is what we do, so more can benefit from current groundbreaking research and insight.

Forming the core of healthcare today, is the understanding that individuals require treatments tailored to their specific needs. This understanding is also at the heart of CDx Engage, where we have a dedication to tailoring all offerings to meet the specific needs of scientific communities and our partners.

The CDx Engage Webinar Series

The healthcare community is fast paced, diverse and international. The CDx Engage webinar platform enables the scientific community to stay informed with the latest developments and innovations with lifesaving potential in their field.

The CDx Engage Webinar Series is here to maintain those year-round touchpoints and educational drop-ins for scientific professionals to unite, share and keep abreast of the latest and greatest. A platform for industry trailblazers to continue to shape the cutting edge of drug development, CDx Engage hour long webinar sessions provide unmissable opportunities to educate, raise discussion and bridge debate via audience interactivity.

"If you want an extremely organized and well-attended webinar experience, you can count on the CDx Engage team to deliver. The team is highly attentive to your goals and is extremely professional. I would highly recommend working with CDx Engage for your next webinar."
Manager - Strategic Marketing, Biodesix