The Road Ahead for CAR Therapies: Are Allogeneic Therapies the Way Forward?

Ran on Tuesday July 14 | 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm BST

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Join Beacon Targeted Therapies and Precision BioSciences for a deep dive webinar assessing the exponential growth seen by the CAR-T field over the past decade.

Featuring data driven insights on the emerging “off the shelf” market straight from the Beacon Adoptive Cell database and future thinking perspectives from leading industry expert Chris Heery, CMO at Precision BioSciences, and Pippa Gledhill, Adoptive Cell Lead Analyst at Beacon Targeted Therapies this webinar is your definitive platform for providing you with the clarity you need to remain competitive and up to date on the latest advances in the allogeneic field.

We hope you can join, as we explore the transformative potential of CAR-T therapies in the future of cancer treatment.

Webinar Leaders

Chris Heery

Chief Medical Officer - Precision BioSciences

Pippa Gledhill

Adoptive Cell Lead Analyst - Beacon Targeted Therapies

The cellular therapy landscape has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade, with substantial global investments in research and clinical translation owed in part to the trailblazing and remarkable promise approved therapies are already showing in blood cancers.

Hot on the heels of autologous therapies is an expanding clinical pipeline of allogeneic therapies, whose therapeutic potential and hotly anticipated commercialization is driving considerable excitement within the field. With advantageous production scale-up process and wider therapeutic applicability, could cancer cell therapies derived from healthy donors be viable alternatives to autologous CAR-T treatments?

Answer this question and more during this one-hour webinar, a platform dedicated to providing you with unique insights and perspectives on the emerging CAR-T allogeneic field and for addressing all your drug development questions.

Engage Webinar hosted by...

Beacon 2017 (1)

Who are Beacon Targeted Therapies?

Beacon Targeted Therapies is a clinical trial and pipeline database solution, designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals, tracking targeted therapies to provide accurate, in-depth and real-time information in the rapidly evolving landscape of drug development.

The Beacon Adoptive Cell sector-specific curated database addresses the challenges developers are facing in tracking this fast-growing landscape. For more information click here.

This Webinar Will Provide You With:

  • Insight on emerging trends and cutting edge technology innovating and facilitating growing investment in the CAR-T industry
  • An overview of the competitive allogeneic landscape acknowledging the key players leading the field
  • Answers to some of the most pressing allogeneic therapy challenges such as patient recruitment and access to work towards addressing current unmet need
  • Practical considerations from a leading industry expert for the successful transition of allogeneic therapies into the clinic
  • A picture of what we can likely expect ahead based on current preclinical and clinical program status’ to assess market opportunity and commercialization possibilities
  • Your prime opportunity to seek answers to all your drug development questions in an extended Q&A

Ran On Tuesday July 14 | 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm BST
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